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Vochtwering en vochtbestrijding door Gero Milieutechnieken

Moisture proofing and damp prevention by Gero Milieutechnieken.

Just like most people, concrete, stone, wood and metal do not like rain and damp. Thankfully, Gero Milieutechnieken protects these materials from mould, decay, corrosion and rust. For more than 40 years, we have made them hydrophobic and/or impregnated them with a broad selection of moisture-proofing agents, sealants and coatings, including Pro, Hydro and Wood-Sealers.

Specialised in the agents used to impregnate and/or make a range of materials hydrophobic.

Our high-quality impregnating agents, sealants and coatings have been employed for years by a number of regular customers within the government, and the industrial, construction and offshore sectors. Wood, metal and concrete treatments, moisture-proofing products for walls, facades and crawlspaces – we always have a solution to your problem. 

Our products and services significantly increase the lifespan of materials such as wood, concrete, iron and more. They also combat algae and moulds, significantly improving the indoor climate for both humans and animals.

Choose Gero Milieutechnieken from Geldrop and you are guaranteed quality products, affordable prices and rapid delivery. We work according to environmentally friendly methods and employ our own people using our own equipment. If you would like to know more about our products or services, we would love to hear from you.

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Impregnating agents for wood and concrete

Consumers can also purchase our impregnating agents and coatings, which we deliver in containers of 5 or 20L.

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Woodseal wood treatment, €15/L (approx. 5-7 m2)

This treatment optimally protects hard and soft wood-types from algae, moulds and weather conditions. It helps to regulate moisture and temperature levels and save energy. It also increases the material's fire-retardant qualities.

Concrete bonding agent concrete treatment, €15/L (approx. 5-7 m2)

Our concrete bonding agent optimally protects new and old concrete alike from algae, moulds, acids, decay and weather conditions. Additionally, it improves the early strength of newly poured concrete. Treating concrete in this way helps to regulate moisture and temperature levels and save energy.


Steelseal steel and metal treatment, €29/L (approx. 5 m2)

Treatment with Steelseal protects metals such as iron and steel from weather conditions and chemicals. It is an excellent primer for rusted surfaces and ensures that coatings and paints adhere properly.

Façade impregnating agent moisture-proofing surface treatment, €15/L (5-7 m2)

Treating ceramic and concrete façades with façade impregnating agent provides optimal protection against algae, moulds and atmospheric contaminants, and makes them hydrophobic. Our façade impregnating agents are moisture-proof, in addition to helping to regulate moisture and temperature levels and save energy.