impregneermiddel beton

Diensten van Gero Milieutechnieken
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Gero Milieutechnieken's services

We have the right products to moisture-proof any materials and protect them from damp. We supply a range of impregnating agents for wood and concrete and offer specific treatments for metal.

Van smeren tot hydrofoberen

Het dienstenpakket van Gero Milieutechnieken bestaat onder meer uit de volgende diensten:

  • Gevelreiniging
  • Gevelrenovatie
  • Vochtmeting
  • Vochtbestrijding
  • Vochtwering
  • Metaalbehandeling
  • Beton hydrofoberen
  • Levering van impregneermiddelen en coatings voor hout en beton

From impregnating to hydrophobing

Gero Milieutechnieken offers the following services and more:

  • Impregnating agents for façade renovations
  • Impregnating agents for damp protection
  • Impregnating agents for moisture proofing
  • Impregnating agents to treat metal 
  • Impregnating and hydrophobing agents for concrete 
  • Supplying impregnating agents and coatings for wood, concrete and stone
impregnating agent for concrete

Read more about our services and what Gero Milieutechnieken can do for you specifically below. If you would like to know more, please contact us.



Welk type gevel u ook heeft: Gero Milieutechnieken biedt een oplossing voor gevelvervuiling van allerlei aard. Van beton tot hout en keramische stenen.


Laat u uw gevel renoveren? Dan leveren wij het impregneermiddel Gero-Proseal. De renovatie is niet natuurlijk niet af zonder de juiste bescherming. Laat uw aannemer het middel aanbrengen of ga zelf aan de slag. Gerenoveerde bouwwerken krijgen door de vochtregulerende en temperatuurregulerende werking een veel gezonder leefklimaat.


Laat ons de vochtigheid van uw beton en steen in kaart brengen met een vochtmeting.


Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in vochtbestrijding in keramische en betonnen bouwwerken. Bijvoorbeeld in de kelder of kruipruimte van uw woning of bedrijfspand. Pak het leefklimaat in uw woning nu op een efficiënte manier aan met onze producten, en creëer een optimale leefomgeving op een betaalbare wijze.


Vochtweringsmethodes zijn er in verschillende soorten. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan impregneren, hydrofoberen en injecteren.


Bescherm uw metaal en ijzer tegen roest en roestvorming met een kwalitatief goede metaalprimer zoals Stealseal

Beton hydrofoberen

Kiest u voor betonhechtmiddel Hydro Seal, dan bent u zeker van optimale bescherming van betonoppervlakten. Het middel maakt de oppervlakten ondoordringbaar voor vloeistoffen en zuurbestendig

Impregneermiddelen en coatings voor hout en beton

Wij leveren een groot assortiment vochtwerende impregneermiddelen, sealproducten en coatings van onder andere Pro, Hydro en Wood-Sealers aan particulieren en bedrijven. De draagstof van onze producten is water.

Impregnating agents for fa├žade renovations

No façade renovation is complete without using Gero-Proseal impregnating agent for the right protection. Have your contractor apply the agent, or you can do it yourself. Its moisture and temperature level regulating qualities help to provide renovated structures with a much healthier indoor climate.

Impregnating agents and coatings for wood, concrete and stone

We supply consumers and businesses with a broad assortment of moisture-proofing impregnating agents, sealants and coatings from Pro, Hydro, Wood-Sealers and more. All our products are water based.

Impregnating wood

Treating wood with Woodseal ensures that the surface remains water-free, which prevents moulds and algae from gaining purchase. It provides wood with a natural finish and it neither flakes, peels nor cracks.

Metal treatment

Protect your metal and iron from rust and rust formation with a high-quality metal primer, such as Steelseal, a water-based environmentally friendly primer. Steelseal is perfectly suited to treating lightly-rusted reinforcing steel and ensures maximum adherence.

This primer-and-rust-remover-in-one chemically breaks down rust and uses the components as a catalyst in forming a non-peeling, permanently adhering base coat. This layer binds to the pores and capillaries in both the steel surface and the surface as a whole.

When combined with a coating or layer of paint, this is the most durable protection steel surfaces can receive.

Damp protection

We are specialised in supplying impregnating and hydrophobing agents to protect against damp in ceramic and concrete structures, such as basements and crawlspaces in residences and office buildings. Use our products to efficiently tackle and affordably optimise the climate in your home.

Contact us for an analysis and advice on the best products to use. We only use very high-quality moisture-proofing products, such as ®Proseal and ®Hydroseal, to deal with your moisture problems immediately.

Moisture proofing

There are many different methods of moisture proofing, such as impregnating, hydrophobing and injecting. If you want to be sure that your surface is properly moisture proof, hire a specialist from Gero Milieutechnieken and get the right advice.

Gero will thoroughly assess your problem and give detailed advice on the plan of attack. The money you spend now will pay itself back many times over in the future. With ®Proseal, ®Hydroseal and solid advice, your moisture problems will be a thing of the past in no time.

Poorly ventilated spaces, moisture penetrating through facades, wet walls and cisterns are not to be underestimated. Damp spaces can directly and indirectly cause health problems for young and old alike. 

Hydrophobing concrete

When you choose Gero Hydroseal to make concrete and ceramic surfaces hydrophobic, you are protecting the surface with the best. This agent makes surfaces acid-resistant and impenetrable to liquids. Additionally, Gero Hydroseal is a revolutionary primer for expensive surfaces and fire-retardant coatings.

Hydroseal® is an impregnating, hydrophobing and super adhesive for concrete and ceramic surfaces. It is a colourless, odourless liquid that needs no assistance to penetrate the densest concrete, where it reacts with free radicals (cement, bases, silicates, water).

From the surface, the cement becomes impenetrable to fluids. This agent can be applied to both new and old cement. Concrete treated with Gero Hydroseal is more fire-retardant, better protected against corrosion, and what's more, ASR isn't given a shred of a chance.

Because it dries rapidly, hydrophobing surfaces using Gero Hydroseal saves an enormous amount of time when finishing walls and floors. Even moisture problems in areas with air conditioning systems are a thing of the past following proper treatment.

Hydrophobically treating walls or floors with Gero Hydroseal also easily prevents damage claims later on. It's the perfect way to keep clients satisfied. 

This impregnating agent works to prevent algae and moulds on horizontal, ceramic and concrete surfaces. Algae and moulds don't stand a chance of adhering to the surface and making them slick. Gero Hydroseal also provides excellent protection against ice forming on horizontal surfaces